If you are personally picking up your puppy then the meeting address is 4406 hwy 9 Springfield Ar. 72157 there is a country store on the right called Birdtown Grocery.   Meeting times are by appointment only Monday through Friday.  Please park in the lot beside the store.  I prefer cash on pick up.  If you must you a card there is a 3% processing fee applied to the balance and you will need to make arrangements before the pick up date...Thank you

If you need personal delivery then we can arrange to deliver your puppy within a 6 hour radius of Morrilton Arkansas.  The delivery fee for a 6 hour drive one way is $575.00.  5 hour drive is $525.00.  A 4 hour drive is $425.00.  A 3 hour drive is $325.00  and a 1 to 2 hour drive is $250.